Can we learn to “Last Dance”? Agile High-Performance Teams

Michael Jordan’s Netflix series “The last dance” had 6.1 million viewers during the COVID-19 lockdown. At first glance, you might think this docuseries is simply an account of Michael Jordan’s career and the Chicago Bulls’ extraordinary 1998 season, but it is much more than that. The way the story is portrayed through multiple perspectives. We […]

Dynamic Prioritisation in Times of Crisis

“People don’t want to hear about the climate change crisis (now). I completely understand that, but we must make sure that it’s not forgotten. We need to treat both crises at the same time because the climate crisis will not go away” stated Greta Thunberg a few days ago. What to prioritise when lately everything […]

From Surviving to Thriving: People, Digital & Agile

These last weeks have shown us that the world is hurtling forward, with many contextual challenges and uncertainties that each new day seems to bring. But it has also revealed a startling number of businesses which are simply not prepared for the world we live in and for the future ahead. Despite the commonality of […]

Earth-shaking change: Transformation, Evolution or Re-configuration?

“It means Earth-shaking change,” he said, nodding sagely inside a dimly lit pyramid in Mexico. My eyes moved closer to the image of the Aztec Ollin symbol. A simple, yet complicated design centered around the third eye. Nearly ten years on and those three words keep coming back to me. We are living in a […]

Agility: How to Prepare for the Unknown and Seize Opportunity?

Agility is not just a desirable trait but a crucial factor in thriving within a rapidly changing business landscape. It empowers organizations to anticipate change, seize opportunities, and strategically prepare for an unpredictable future. However, agility is more than just a mere buzzword; it encompasses a mindset and a holistic approach to business operations.


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