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Ep. 08

David Firth- Organisational Development Consultant

Communication for Leaders and Storytelling

Never has communication been more important – and never have we seen so many leaders searching for the ‘magic formula’ to be able to speak to inspire. Communication can be a powerful source of positive change. But how can leaders be great communicators?

“Communication is not something we do, it’s an ocean in which we swim. Everything leaders attempt to execute is touched and shaped by it. In a world of doubt, cynicism and noise, we need new levels of communication intentionality, clarity & impact.” Effective communication as David describes – “in essence, is a process of giving rather than grasping”.


Ep. 12

Caroline Stokes- CEO and founder of Forward

f you want your organisation to be successful, it takes more than doing what you were doing to make it through this next decade. You need to identify where you are, where you want to be and make not only technology changes but adopt new people behaviours.
Ep. 13

Jorge Obregón- Priest

There is no better example of a Servant leader than Jesus Christ. No matter our religion or beliefs, we all can learn so much about His life and the way He lead. Servant leaders place themselves at the service of the people, the mission and the vision. Leaders are “to serve, not to be served”
Ep. 10

Dorn Wenninger- Sr VP Produce at UNFI

To thrive in this ever-complex environment, leaders need to be strong in mind, heart and body. Future-fit leaders are deeply connected to a meaningful and ongoing purpose. They are extremely clear on who they are, what they stand for and what mark they want to make on the world. They work hard to improve every day and push them selves to go 'the extra mile'.

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