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Ep. 10

Dorn Wenninger- Sr VP Produce at UNFI

How to be a Future-Fit Leader?

To thrive in this ever-complex environment, leaders need to be strong in mind, heart and body. Future-fit leaders are deeply connected to a meaningful and ongoing purpose. They are extremely clear on who they are, what they stand for and what mark they want to make on the world. They work hard to improve every day and push them selves to go ‘the extra mile’. In this inspirational interview, Dorn Wenninger tells us how he pushed himself even further… ‘183.531’ miles, to be accurate. Dorn is one of only 200 people in the world who have run 7 marathons, in 7 consecutive days, in 7 different continents. He is a top-executive of multinational company, former SVP at Walmart, father of two beautiful girls, and an amazing human being who helps communities in needs Mexico. In this interview he shares with Erika Giorgana, CEO & Founder of Humand his perspectives on what it takes to be a Future-fit leader.


Ep. 09

Juan Pablo Horcasitas- Mexican Pianist

What can Business Leaders learn from a Pianist? Find your purpose, find what excites you, discover what you feel passionate about and go for it. In this interview Juan Pablo Horcasitas, globally recognised Mexican pianist shares with Erika Giorgana, Humand CEO & Founder his perspectives on discovering and living your Purpose.
Ep. 02

Macario Schettino- Mexican Economist and Political Analyst

Macario Schettino is a Mexican economist and political analyst, who calls himself “dedicated to the analysis of reality.”  Macario is a worldwide recognised author and speaker and has a masters in economic, a doctorate in administration and a second doctorate in history.  In  this episode Macario shares with us his perspective about what is happening in LATAM from a combined social, political and economic point of view. Can Humanity thrive in this VUCA world?
Ep. 03

Eric Perez Grovas- Co-Founder and General Partner at Jaguar Ventures

Eric Perez Grovas is Co-Founder and General Partner at Jaguar Ventures. Eric is also board member of Walmart Mexico and  Co-Founder and President of the board of the Mexican Association of Online Sales. Eric serves as mentor Internet Entrepreneurs at Endeavor, 500 Startups Mexico, Startup Chile among others. In this episode Eric shares with us his perspective on  the lessons large corporations can learn from Startups.

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