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Ep. 04

Nick Leeson- former trader of Barings Bank

Learnings and Insights about People and Business from ‘The Ultimate Rogue Trader’.

Nick Leeson is an English former derivatives trader notorious for bankrupting Barings Bank, the United Kingdom’s oldest merchant bank. He was a rogue trader who made fraudulent, unauthorised and speculative trades, and his actions led directly to 1995 collapse of the bank, for which he was sentenced to prison. The error account’s losses exceeded £208 million. Leeson followed a “doubling strategy: every time he lost money, he would double the amount that was lost in order to recoup the amount.  It worked several times, Nick gained credibility and power within the organisation, his team and clients. However, the Kobe earthquake hit early on the 17 of January sending markets and Lesson, into a tailspin.  In this episode Leeson shares his life story and his perspective about how business culture, leadership, resilience, systems and controls can all lead to the success or failure of a person and an organisation.


Ep. 07

Patrick Hull- VP Global Learning and Future of Work at Unilever

By 2025, the World Economic Forum estimates that 85 million jobs may be displaced by automation while 97 million new roles may emerge. How are companies preparing their people and their businesses to face this reality? In this new episode of Perspectives, Erika Giorgana, CEO of Humand, talks to Paddy Hull, VP of the Future of Work in Unilever.
Ep. 09

Juan Pablo Horcasitas- Mexican Pianist

What can Business Leaders learn from a Pianist? Find your purpose, find what excites you, discover what you feel passionate about and go for it. In this interview Juan Pablo Horcasitas, globally recognised Mexican pianist shares with Erika Giorgana, Humand CEO & Founder his perspectives on discovering and living your Purpose.
Ep. 14

Ravin Jesuthasan- Global thought leader, futurist and bestselling author on the future of work, automation and human capital

How to build Organisational Resilience with a new operating system? Ravin Jesutahsan is a recognised futurist, global though leader and bestselling author on the future of work and human capital. In this episode Ravin and Erika Giorgana CEO & Founder of Humand speak about how organisations are holding themselves back by continuing to define work as "jobs" and the importance of skills as the currency for the future.

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